4D Construction Planning

4D modelling services are available in all phases of project delivery including planning, tendering, construction and dispute resolution. 4D, time phased visualisation services integrate the project plan with a 3D CAD model to illustrate event sequences.

4D analysis can be utilised throughout the entire project lifecycle to:

  •  Communicate strategy and identify risk at feasibility and planning stages
  •  Demonstrate methodologies, staging and site usage to gain competitive advantage in tenders
  •  Enhance the effectiveness of management reporting and problem solving during design and construction stages
  •  Visually monitor activities on or near the critical path
  •  Present comparisons of planned versus actual to demonstrate impacts of delays during dispute resolution


4D analysis provides an effective efficient medium to quickly communicate to stakeholders without complicated technical or contract documentation. It’s also an effective tool for project managers and team members to effectively communicate and analyse information.

See examples here:  4D Construction Planning Portfolio.